Life Coaching with Cristina Surplus
Life Coaching with Cristina Surplus  

Well, hello there!

Have you ever thought about why we are here? Why we came into this specific lifetime when we did? I have, and it's not to suffer, or feel angst, or live a mundane life by just going through the motions. Work, family, occasional fun and happiness, repeat, NOT why we are here.


We were created with these wonderful, intricate, intelligent brains that can do anything we want them to do, and create any experience we want to experience! What are you telling yours to do?? Do you know how to control your own mind and heart to do what you want them to do?? To feel what you want them to feel??


Here is a simple way to explain how our mind and our heart works:


Thoughts = Feelings = Behaviors = Habits = Life Experiences


I have developed a very simple, yet highly effective plan called, MINDCHATTERINC - A SOLUTION BASED SCHOOL OF THOUGHT that can get you on your way to taking control of how you want your life to be experienced in just 6 sessions. There is proven science behind it all too!


Knowing how to live like this will increase your levels of compassion, improve your relationships with others, inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals, boost your immune system, and most importantly, leave you with the ability to create your own "peace of mind" at any time.


**As your life coach, I will serve as your guide to understanding the power you already contain, but aren't aware of how to use it. That will change. Prepare to experience your life in a completely new way.


As Morpheus tells Neo, "I can only show you the door. It is up to you to walk through it."





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