Life Coaching with Cristina Surplus
Life Coaching with Cristina Surplus  

Who am I?

I'm you. Sure, we may not look the same, but underneath...we are all the same. We are all seeking ways to feel happy, make a lot of money, be successful, give and receive love, have peace of mind, and have fun doing it all.


Unfortunately, most of us don't know how to make these things happen.


I certainly didn't. I spent most of my time and energy on the external stuff - how I looked, dressed, acquiring things, etc,. etc. In the process, I lost years and years of what should have been wonderful times, living inside my head. I was a chronic negative thinker for the better part of my life.


But, one day I decided to start being aware of what thoughts I was generating and my life completely changed from then on.


I created Mindchatterinc, A Solution Based School of Thought in July of 2015. It is a simple, effective plan to motivate anyone who wants to feel happier for longer periods of time. Because if you can master how to experience sustainable happiness, every single element of your life will feel better.


Join me in living our lives as we are meant to do...feeling content in each moment in which we are consciously aware. 


**Cristina has a Masters Degree in Counseling and is a certified school counselor in the state of California. She is NOT a licensed therapist and does NOT conduct her sessions using any form of therapy.





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