How did you come up with that price?

Ahhh, the magical question. One that every artist has to answer over and over. A question that used to sent me into a tailspin until I met the right person at the right time.


Backstory: Every artist, and I mean every artist, struggles with coming up with a price for their work. There seems to be 2 very distinct and common mindframes that an artist develops when having to put a dollar sign on their beloved art.


1. "I am a new artist (aka a nobody) and therefore I can't command anything close to what I want to in fear of scaring potential buyers off."




2. "My art is priceless and I get to ask whatever I want because anybody with any taste will realize how awsome it is and pay me accordingly."


I learned the hard way that neither of these mindframes is healthy or realistic.


Then I met an art dealer. She told me emphatically that I was priced too low on some & too high on others. Then she gave me the formula that all successful and reasonable artists use to price their works.


Here it is: $2 per square inch.


That's it. No muss, no fuss.


So if you do the math, all my paintings are priced exactly to this model.


Will I negotiate? No. Sorry, but no.


I highly recommend you buy original art. Even if it's not mine, buy something original that you can put somewhere in your house to bring a new energy to the space. You never know who will make it big someday (ME!), and you never know how much positive attention original art brings to the conversation until you have it in a visible spot. So go for it. Buy something fun and fresh. But most of all, buy something that makes you happy.





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