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Life Coaching with Cristina Surplus  


Why do some live to be well into their 90's, even 100's, but most don't? Why do some live a long, healthy life, free of disease, but most won't?


Did you know that the elderly population has an incredibly high rate of depression and anxiety? Did you know that their bodies break down, not because of age (as we have been programmed to believe), but because of emotional stress? It is a myth that genes create disease!


In fact, only 5% of diseases are directly related to genetic disorders. That leaves 95% of diseases to be caused by lifestyle choices! Forget the ole' fallback, "I'm genetically predetermined to get this ailment, or that ailment." That kind of thinking alone will guarantee you to get that ailment.


It is a fact that because of western medicine, we are living longer. But, what about our minds? It doesn't do us much good if our bodies are relatively healthy, but our minds are not. Eventually the two will marry and the brain will always win.



Meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure, inflammation, coronary artery disease,  chronic pain,  and post traumatic stress disorder among the elderly. It has been scientifically proven to increase memory, circulation and oxygen in the blood, focus, and overall well-being.


If we are all going to live longer, let's make sure we are mentally healthy, as well.


The Many Benefits of Meditation for Older Adults

Doctors often prescribe the practice for better health and wellness, even later in life. . . .








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